Military Leader Assessment and Development

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Today’s military leadership was defined and cultured through revolutions, civil war, conflicts, and currently a combat era lasting almost ten years. Through recent leadership development changes brought on by former Secretary of the Army, Dr. Francis Harvey, the military has become an entity trying to keep ahead of the incessant derogatory diversions to the honorable way of life impeding military leadership everyday. Disregard for human life, loss of the moral compass, innuendo, and complacency have caused the hierarchy to struggle with the leadership model that has formed the civilian populace and ultimately, the future leaders of the military. The leadership model from FM 6-0 serves to guide and provide a basis for thinking and…show more content…
Building family readiness groups, singles opportunities, diversity courses, training on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and involving the Chaplain Corps has, and continues, to build a stronger military. This allows for a better transition into a civilian position upon leaving the military. Additionally, it allows for a well-rounded leader to the betterment of the organization. The current Warrior Ethos was authorized by former Army Chief of Staff, Eric K. Shinseki and written (in part) by SFC Matt Larsen, USMC and US Army. (Washington Post, 2003) It encompasses all thoughts and ideals of a service member in combat. Although misconstrued with the Soldier’s Creed, it is only four lines and focuses on the mission, the individual, and the team. Leadership and the encouragement of the team is the epitome of the Warrior Ethos. Using the ethos in everyday activities is stressed throughout all levels of command and through every phases of military schooling. By taking care of military personnel, whether delivering logistics, providing medical care, or administrative paperwork, leaders ensure the inclusion of the ethos. Not taking care of personnel, we ultimately do a disservice to them and their families. Over the next ten years, honor and values must be stressed in the military. The American people trust the military more than they trust their own elected officials. As
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