Military Leadership : Napoleon Bonaparte As A Military Leader

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Napoleon Bonaparte was a very great military leader. He was also an emperor who took over much of Europe in the early 1800s. Napoleon was born on an island called Corsica which is west of Italy. He had 8 surviving siblings including him who was the second. He later moved to France, attended school there and learned the French language. In 1785, he graduated from a French military academy. Napoleon started very small in the ranking of military but quickly rose through rankings. Napoleon fought in the French Revolution but he was on leave from the military when it started. He was at home in Corsica and there he got involved with the Jacobins. Napoleon gained political control of France in 1799 because of the coup d’état. He crowned himself as emperor in 1804. Napoleon was a, “shrewd, ambitious and a skilled military strategist.” (HISTORY) He was very successful in dominating his opponents and was able to expand his empire drastically. Napoleon was great at strategy, being a leader and had incredible charisma. First off, Napoleon was great at strategizing. Every time there was a battle or war, Napoleon was able to think of all possible options and outcomes of it. Napoleon himself said, “There is no man more pusillanimous than I when I am planning a campaign. I purposely exaggerate all the dangers and all the calamities that the circumstances make possible.” Napoleon believed that if he destroyed the enemy’s army, then any remaining problem that he had could easily be
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