Military Lessons Learned

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Military Lessons Learned Based on what I have learned from cooperative work in a mission-driven organization, I consider myself to be a strategic thinker, as opposed to a tactical planner or a logistician. All of those are important, and it is possible to have traits of more than one of them. Most people gravitate toward one or the other, however, and I have focused on strategic thinking because it is what I do best. I have determined that I am a strategic thinker based on the way I handle my daily life and the work that I do. Strategic thinkers focus on the overall picture and how they can handle things in the future. They are willing to consider all angles and aspects, and they focus themselves strongly on the mission at hand (Leet, 1998; Rohrer, Vaughn, & Westermann, 1999). By being a strategic thinker, I can be highly valuable to my team in any and every mission, and I can work well with tactical planners and logisticians because we all have strengths upon which we can build. In my work I use strategic thinking to help my team plan strong and successful missions. These missions can affect large numbers of people and can literally be life and death, so they are very important and they require careful consideration. Teamwork is a huge part of military operations and mission-driven organizations of any kind (Wall, Sobol, & Solum, 1999). When a person (or an organization) is mission-driven, working together is vital to ensure that everything gets done correctly (Rohrer,
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