Military, Military Hierarchy, War Treatment And The Emergence Of Technology

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Military interpreter is roughlly defined as a commissioned officer whose job is to interpret or translate to facilitate military operations. The origin of this occupation dates back in the early days of imperical expansion. From the conquest of Gaul by Cease in 58 BC, the defeat of Persia by Alexander the Great in 334BC to China’s Mongolian invasion in 1279 AD, all the great wars that share one thing in common: the involvement of at least two nations that do not share the same language. When there are differences, there needs to have a bridge to blurs the boundaries. I choose this occupation for discussion because of a personal relation I have, being a bilinguist, and to uncover the underestimated vlaue of this occupation. This essay…show more content…
This is because military interpreter is the only translation occupation that work in an enviroment which the opposing party is an enemy and potentially endanger the life of the interpreter. Another challenging work ethic military must acknowledge when doing the job is the fact that they are always active on duty, as any information needed for translation could be important intelligence. Furthermore, as a part of the military, it is required that interpreters are armed and need to have the mentality that at a point, they must willing to harm another person. This is why according to the US. Army, the required tranining for a military interpreter includes English language training, Basic Combat Training for nine weeks, after completion is the attending of Advanced Individual Training so gain skills in areas such as checkppoint operation, medical support and contract negotiaions (US Army, n.d). Not only one needs to prepare the knowledge to become a military interpreter, he or she also need to prepare mentally and physically for the job.

Military hierarchy is another tension that shape the job of a military interpreter. More or less, this second element might be contradicting with the first element of work ethics.The military hierarchical chain of command can interfere in the appropriate performance of interpreting. When national security and civilians’ lives are
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