Military Persuasive Speech Essay

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An Example of a 7-8 Minute Speech to Convince A minimum of five references and a visual aid required By Public Speaking Student Military Recruitment in Schools Topic Development Segment: Topic Statement: Military recruiters being allowed to approach students on school property is wrong and unjust. Specific Purpose Statement: I want to convince my audience that military recruitment on school grounds is done in an unfair way. Thesis Statement: Military recruiters are vicious and go into places where young adults are easy targets and take advantage of them. Introduction: I. Attention-getter: “School ownership is our goal.” Who on earth would want to have full control over a school and its students? The military would…show more content…
IV. Theoretical Demonstration: Knowledge is the only tool that will help this problem A. Main Point: As people, we need to demand the truth. 1. Support: There are documentaries and interviews that are revealing the truth. 2. Support: Eyewitness News conducted an undercover report and found that Colonel Manning, who is in charge of recruiting for the Northeast, commented on his recruiters saying “It’s hard to believe some of the things they are telling perspective applicants”. V. Meeting Objections: There are some people who see these issues with recruiters as being harmless-they believe that it is an option being offered and students can simply say “no” or just ignore the recruiters. A. Main Point: The problem is that these students that are being targeted usually do not have the best education. 1. Support: The Gazette quoted an anti-war member is quoted with saying “A lot of them [students] aren't 18 and they're being strenuously lobbied to consider signing a contract that is extremely complex and one of the major provisions of that contract stipulates that the military can do pretty much anything they want to do to you regardless of what's in the contract”. 2. Support: These students are being told that they probably will not be sent overseas and that the war is over! Visualization Step I. Positive Visualization: If the military stays out of high schools then the majority of people who have signed up will
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