Military Policy of South Korea

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Military Policy of South Korea In recent days, there are a lot of controversial issues in the world. For example, there is capital punishment, experiments on animals, abortion, gun control, etc. Especially, there is an argument about the military policy of South Korea. The policy has been argued for a long time from the past to recent times in South Korea. Some people say that South Korea has to have a military policy as conscription. Conscription is current policy in South Korea which government forces all young men to join the army. Sometimes it is called draft policy. On the other hand, other people say that there is no problem, even if South Korea has a volunteer military system. Almost all countries in the world have volunteer…show more content…
Furthermore, this negative thinking also influences to soldiers’ fighting ability which is the basic ability for soldiers. They are going to hate training time for army skills, also. Finally, this bad cycle continues. It causes rising social cost for their low achievement and for retraining them. Government pays this cost which came from the people’s taxes. It is not a reasonable way for a nation at all. These problems can be fixed by the volunteer military system. This system does not force young people to join the army. Furthermore, soldiers can have enough vacation and get enough salary, because joining the army is the same as getting a job in this system. It prevents infringement of human rights which is the first problem of draft policy. This system can fix the second problem of draft policy, also. Negative attitudes of soldiers who are conscripted into army will be changed to positive way, because they will think that they are not suppressed any more. The rate of violence and desertion in the army will be reduced. Moreover, soldiers can get more salary or time for vacation if they work hard in the army. Therefore, works in the army will progress efficiently and fast. Finally, the government will not waste people’s money for costs such as retraining soldiers. It might be very difficult to change at once. Therefore, it must be changed steadily and gradually. For example, the government can
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