Military Politics Of The United States

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(intro) Imagine this- you look about the window, see gunfire and American citizens walking around in handcuffs. Two of them are cops and another is someone 's grandfather. Military spending affects everyone living in the US, because the nation’s defense is what keeps us safe. Think about this- world threats are rising, and we are an international superpower. The United States need a strong defense, not a cheap one. Although increased military spending could result in more national debt issues, it would provide a strong defense network for the country and create more military jobs and income.
(background)Military budgeting has been a longtime issue of these great United States, and with many countries abroad. Congress has long struggled to
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However, the benefits of a well-funded military would be monumental.
We would be a very well protected world power, create more military jobs, a better working environment for our troops and other military personnel, and it would help stimulate the economy in countless ways. Living in America is something that almost all of our citizens enjoy daily. It is the government’s responsibility to protect this right. America can’t be free if it becomes controlled by terrorists, Nazis, Fascists, dictators, communists, Imperialists or other world evils. All serving military personnel took an oath to serve and protect this country, but that is hard to do that without proper equipment, small funding, and an outdated military.
A strong and ready army is one of the metaphorical pillars that support our nation. A good country needs many things including- resources, protection, suitable environment, a strong yet fair government, and other important things.
Most people are convinced we have the best military in the world. The reality is that our military is in the same situation as before WWII: underfunded, and out of date. The USAF (United States Air Force) is still currently using the B-52 Bomber, a plane that was introduced when President Truman was in office. Yes, the same president that took over office during WWII. Yet, people believe the military is still “in date”. The military can’t be effective while using technology that was made a decade after
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