Military Revolutions and Revolution

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Military revolution and revolution of military affair The world is continuing to experience changes that are affecting every generation of people in society without regard to race, religion, age, sex, political status or geographical location. These changes are certainly important chapters for our history books. For the most part I would say these changes are like evolution which has led to the diversification of all living organisms from a common ancestor, known as a scientific development discovered by the scientist Charles Darwin. Comparatively changes that occur in society affecting organizations, people, politics and policies and technology results in diversification in ways of life over time as result of what we call a…show more content…
In other words the author is saying political debates, strategies and polices are develop from the outcome of military revolution which is instrumental in bring about the technological development in weaponry that are developed as a result of RMA. Although it is widely recognized that technological changes are the revolutionizing force for warfare in the 21st century the issues that are addressed in Military Revolution are synergic to those of RMA. The[1]”Anatomy of a Failed Occupation of 1871” is a prime example of why these two revolutions cannot operate effectively separately despite there are significant differences. This was a time of great uprising in southern United States when local terrorist was able to undermine the state government to reestablish their own political dominance. The government failed miserable; due to poor planning inappropriate and infective resources, such as advance technology. In addition the Army lack will power needed to establish and enforced the political policies and strategies of the government. Reviewing of several literatures reveals the great promises revolution in military affairs holds for conventional, combined-arms warfare, but the same cannot be said of its potential value in conflict short of war. When, it comes to terrorism, insurgency, or violence associated with drug trafficking, it is not so clear-cut. The outcome can be a failure
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