Military Sexual Assault Research

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Sexual assault among our service women is an increasing issue in the United States today. The female soldiers who are being forced to endure such an excruciating and demeaning crime are afraid, like other victims of assault, to speak out against their perpetrators. In a field led by mainly men who are supposed to be protecting the citizens of this country, they are tearing down the ones around them. The term for sexual assault among service members is Military Sexual Trauma. “Any attempt of sexual activity against one’s will, whether on/off the military base, or while on/off duty, is considered MST (Department of Veterans Affairs, 2012)”.
MST is unique in that it usually occurs in the workplace setting and often by someone known. Farris et
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(Encountering Women). The cost associated with rape and sexual assault are astronomical. According to reports, the annual costs for sexual assault cases on civilians is around Annual societal impact on the economy for sexual assault is thought to be around $104.5 million, this includes medical costs, out of pocket costs and money lost by missing work. The costs associated with MTS for reported and estimated unreported cases is thought to be around $3.6 billion. (Encountering Women). This is an extremely large issue not only because of the physically and mentally debilitating crime that these women are having to experience, but also this is a large expenditure that can be…show more content…
military is the victim of sexual assault. Statistically this makes military women twice as likely to be raped as civilians.” (Blumers case). According to an anonymous survey conducted by the Department of Defense they found that in 2010, 19,000 service members were sexually assaulted and only 13.5 percent of the assaults were reported to authorities. (Blumer) Most service women who are victims of the heinous crime claim that they do not report because their perpetrators rarely face any consequences for what they have done. Out of the small 13.5 percent of reports that were made, “92 percent never saw the inside of a courtroom but rather were dismissed or administered wrist-slap penalties like fines, reduced PX privileges or counseling” (Blumer Case). The American Journal of Medicine did research and discovered that 79% of the individuals involved in the survey said they were a victim of some form of sexual harassment during their military service. 54% stated that the harassment was in a form of unwanted sexual contact. 30% of the participants had experienced either a completed or attempted rape sometime during their service. 9% of the service women in the experiment said that they had only been a victim of attempted rape. 8% of the service women reported that they had been a victim of a completed rape solely. The remaining 13% said that there was more than one
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