Military Spending, A Necessary Expense. In 2014 The United

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Military spending, a necessary expense In 2014 the United States government approved a spending budget for fiscal year 2015. The proposed amount was $1.11 Trillion dollars or $1,110,000,000,000.00; this was the highest budget proposal in United States history. Out of the proposed budget $598.5 billion dollars were allocated to military spending. This consisted of over fifty-four percent of the total budget. To get an idea of just how much this is, the second highest allocation of funds was the cost to run the government. The total allocated to this task is $72.9 billion dollars or just six percent of the total budget. In a time where the National Debt is topping just over $18 trillion dollars as of September 2015, this is an astronomical…show more content…
First, The National defense budget. During the start of the American revolutionary war in 1775, most of the budget for defense was procured from the French government in the form of loans. The total cost of the war left us over $2 million dollars in debt to France. This seems like a relatively low cost compared to the value of the dollar today, but accounting for inflation from 1775 to present, $2 million dollars is roughly $62.5 million dollars today. The highest military budget during World War I was $546 million in 1917, which would be just over $10.3 billion dollars today. And again during World War II the budget reached its height in 1944, totaling $74.67 billion or $1.02 trillion dollars today. The war on terror, 2001 to 2015 has run up a total of 1.7 trillion dollars according to an article written by Forbes magazine dated February 3rd 2015. Historically our military budget has far exceeded the rest of the world. Very few countries have even come close to spending 1/3 of our annual budget. There have been vast technological advancements made by the United States due to research and development that is funded by our Defense budget. We have come a long way from the muskets and cannons of the revolutionary war. Research and development projects

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