Military Spending

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Should Government Limit the Military Spending? There is a product, each country only have one. To buy it, everybody in this country should dig their pocket. This product is named military spending. With the large amounts of research and the development of high technology weapons, regional warming of local wars, armed conflicts, and intensified arms race, the series of a new arms race, military deployment and new high-growth military spending boost are being performed on the international stage. However, governments are concerned about seeking “peace via war”. As the arms trade is the major cause of suffering for human beings, governments should limit their military spending; nobody in the world wants war. Under such…show more content…
As cited in the article “The Arms Trade in the Middle East Could Lead to a Dangerous Arms Race,” “Middle Eastern states are taking steps to shore up their security.” So the Middle Eastern states are keeping buying weapons from the developed countries. Such as Russia, Britain, the US, and also several developing countries as China, North Korea, these countries are the players of the arms race in Middle Eastern states; they are selling weapons to them that make this area more instable. The second reason is the more military spending a government have the more possible it is to have unchecked arms trade. There is a misunderstanding of the military spending; the more they spend on military the more safety they will gain. Every country wants higher security so they seek more arms trade to buy more military to increase the level of security and military strength. Then there will be more unchecked arms trade occurred. As a result of unchecked arms trade, the country will more easily be involved in a conflict. As cited in the article “Unchecked Arms Trade Fuelling Conflict, Poverty,” “if a country is likely to be involved in warfare, then it is unjustifiable to sell arms. There must be regulation or control of
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