Military Strategy Research Paper

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The purpose of this Foundation of Strategy paper is to defend this author’s opinion as to “What have been or are currently the three greatest challenges for the United States in translating its military power into desired political outcomes or end states?” (Air War College) Additionally, the paper will “evaluate the three challenges in the context of two different conflicts.” (Air War College) In today’s ever dynamic and changing strategic landscape, there are plenty of challenges facing the United States. As one can imagine, the palate is full given the many facets and combinations in which senior leaders make decisions as to how best to reach a desired end goal and/or political outcome.
This paper begins with a summary view to develop the concept of strategy and why its implementation is difficult. The following sections then cover the core discussion of this paper to support the aforementioned
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In fact there is, but it requires that our senior military officers to acquire the necessary skills and critical thinking required advising our Commander in Chief. Napoleon stated it this way, “knowledge of the higher conduct of war can only be acquired by studying the history of wars and the battles of great generals and by one’s own experience. There are no terse and precise rules at all… a thousand other circumstances make things never look alike” (Gray, p. 26 Lesson 1 Reading 3). With this in mind, let’s now focus on two past conflicts and interrelate the challenges (Fiscal Landscape; Alignment with alliances; and Align objective to strategy type). In this way, this author will heed the great advice of Napoleon and focus on the challenges that impacted the political outcomes and end states of Operations Allied Force and Iraqi
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