Military Technician Research Paper

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How Can You Become a Manufacturing Technician After Military Service?
It is relatively easy to become a manufacturing technician after military service because most veterans are already trained with the skills needed for many manufacturing positions. The manufacturing industry continues to struggle to find skilled workers, so veteran with technical training will be able to find employment. Pre-Trained for Success
When it comes to technical and mechanical skills, veterans usually have the best experience because the military employs a variety of state-of-the-art technology. The military requires the absolute reliability of their machines and equipment, so veterans are instilled with the drive, patience and commitment that private manufacturers appreciated. Military technicians and maintenance personnel are already familiar with strict standard operating procedures that the military imposes for all of its equipment and maintenance people. The military also emphasizes the need to focus on accomplishing missions, which transitions well into the manufacturing world.
Military vs. Manufacturing Jobs
Certain military positions translate well to civilian manufacturing jobs. For example, a military weapons technician
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They provide verbal and written technical support to a variety of assembly manufacturing processes. They often work under the supervision of a manufacturing engineer in managing equipment builds. For every project, they read schematics and interpret assembly drawings in order to arrange components and properly assemble them into final products. They determine the appropriate tools, materials and processes to build equipment. They may be required to develop new work parameters and develop troubleshooting procedures for mechanical and electrical
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