Military Use Commercial Airlines For Leisure Travel

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military use commercial airlines for leisure travel, but also for troop movements through government contracts with major airline carriers. The last and most popular target market United should focus on is vacation travelers and retirees. Although elderly retirees may not want to travel much, United has a valuable customer base in recent retirees. Why focus on retirees? Retirees have the extra leisure time to travel. Based on the information available, United should continue to target the following markets: business travelers, students, people living abroad, and leisure travelers.
Needs for Each Target Market Leisure travel comprises the largest market segment for commercial airline carriers (Travel Facts and Statistics, 2015). This fact does not come as a surprise considering air travel is the safest mode of transportation (Jacobs, 2013). People travel across the globe throughout the year to visit historical sites, shop, dine, relax on beaches, and hike. Currently, United fulfills this requirement by providing vacation goers an opportunity to choose from over 5,000 daily flights (United Fact Sheet, 2015).
The second largest user of commercial travel is the business traveler’s segment (U.S. Answer Sheet, 2015). Business travelers look for a reliable airline with comfortable business travel accommodations. United offers more flatbed recliner business first class seats than any competitor and has over 50 business lounges across the globe (United Fact…
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