Military Values And The Message Of My Little Pony

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Within the fandom is a subsection of fans collectively known as Military Bronies, a large contingent of individuals with over ten thousand people liking their page on Facebook. The survey identified 66 military Bronies, of that number, only six classify themselves as private Bronies, presenting a juxtaposition of magic and machine guns. Here is a group of individuals, primarily males (52 males, 13 females, 1 transgender) who have or currently serve in a military force. Common perceptions of the military make it difficult to believe that ponies and soldiers would intermingle. Military service squarely positions itself within the ideals of hypermasculinity, prioritizing physical strength and domination above all else. However, many Bronies who are active and veteran service members conclude that there is very little difference between military values and the message of My Little Pony. An analysis of how masculinity is constructed in military spaces is needed, followed by comparisons between military beliefs and the themes within My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will reveal how closely these two value systems closely align with each other. Military service often draws similarities from traditional masculinities because it merits traits that compliment the dominant form’s value system. Because both ideas appear so intertwined with each other, there appears to be very little difference between the meaning of masculinity in both military and civilian circles. John Fox and

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