Military Veterinarian Speech Summary

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Kathryn Slavick entered a speech about military veterinarians into the prepared public speaking competition at the District 7 FFA competition. The competition was held in Center, North Dakota, in the town’s Community Center on Thursday September 29, 2016. The audience was quite large and made up of several high school FFA members as well as three guests judging competitors on their speeches. The speech was meant to familiarize the audience with the history and responsibilities of a military veterinarian. The speech included an organizational pattern, a quality introduction and conclusion, with factual support, with a plain delivery.
Within the speech, the speaker had an order of importance organizational pattern. The speaker talked about the history, how to become one, what they do, and the importance of the career with a preview in the introduction and an overview in the conclusion. Throughout the speech, the speaker used specific citations and facts supporting each of the four topics in the speech. One of the facts being there are over 78 military veterinarians today. Moving between the support and topics, she used a variety of transition words and phrases such as: however, first, now that, furthermore, and many others to make herself easy
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She started by gaining the attention with a statistic about military working dogs, followed by the topic and the importance of military veterinarians. She cited an article used and previewed what was to come in her speech. Inside the conclusion the speaker summarized, activated, and had good slam bam. She reminded the listener of the four main points followed by the audience activation. She said “Ask the student if they had considered being a military veterinarian.” getting the audience to do an action. After each statement there was a fact to support the statement. Not only did the intro and conclusion follow this, so did the
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