Essay on Military Women Should NOT Be Allowed in Combat Positions

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In late 1990 and early 1991, thousands of American women marched off to the desert sands of the Middle East to serve in a war that brought women closer to combat than ever before. Although restricting women from occupying military jobs that would put them into direct contact with the enemy can be interpreted as a form of sex discrimination, as a female veteran of Operation Desert Storm, I believe that the restriction should remain as it is. Lifting this ban would not be a strategic move for the United States. Socially, our country is unprepared to allow women on the "front lines" because of situations involving sexual harassment, prisoners of war, mothers marching off to combat, and female draftees.

Sexual harassment is
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These civilian liberalists, who will probably never have to fight in war themselves, claim that by allowing women to choose to serve in direct combat, men will gradually come to see them as equals and learn to respect all women. This new respect, activists say, will start in the military and spill over into the civilian world, which will virtually eliminate all sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment, however, is likely to increase rather than decrease for those women on the battlefield. Something happens to people in combat; a change takes place. Because of the rage and fear these combatants experience as they kill and avoid being killed, they may sometimes regress to some primal state of being. Men, who have believed all of their lives that to kill another human being is to commit a mortal sin, regress to this primal state because they are forced to hunt a new game-non-American homo sapiens-and are themselves being hunted. In this kill-or-be-killed state of mind, these men then act upon every savage urge and impulse. They can no longer comply with social restraint. Women fighting beside these men may be seen as sources of sexual release, and battle fatigued men may believe that they have the right to force themselves on these women. Those who believe that murder is no longer immoral will also believe the same about rape.

While some men who regress into this savage state of mind may prey upon women, other men
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