Military and Corporate Strategy

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Business and Management


Military and corporate strategy

Corporate and Business Strategies


Alexandre de Rodellec

Bettina Voisin

Fleur Bazin

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Stake of the topic Definition of key words Establishment of paradoxes Issue as a question form Announcement of the plan

I. The historical origin of strategy

A. The birth of military strategy: Sun Tzu

- Main actors

- Historic main events of the evolution

B. The concept of business strategy

- What is strategy about?

- Different kind of company
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On the other hand, a business strategy is about building. Actually, the main goal is not to destruct but at the opposite to build something in order to get earnings. In the same time, the way to get through this objective implies to fight against different kind of enemies. As soon as we speak of fight, we have to deal with plan and strategy. This mutual way of intellectualizing and rationalizing a fight, which used to be instinctive for animals, is a very important concept.

Issue as a question form:

The principal difference between fighting for one’s life and fighting for money allow us to ask the following question:

Does an economic project can be managed as a war?

Announcement of the plan:

This demonstration is going to be developed through three different outlooks. The first one deals with the historical birth of strategy and its main evolution among the centuries. Then we will expose the relations and the interactions of military strategy and business strategy. And finally, we will raise a certain numbers of limits to underline the fact that strategy is not a science.

I. The historical origin of military strategy

A) The birth of Military Strategy

Military strategy is a set of ideas implemented by military organizations to pursue desired strategic goals. Military strategy deals with the planning and conduct of campaigns, the movement and disposition of forces, and the defeat of the enemy.

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