Milk: A Biographical Film

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Second Analytic Film Assignment Milk is a biographical film based on the life of gay activist and politician Harvey Milk. He was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California. He was a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Dan White, a city supervisor, assassinated Milk along with the mayor at the time George Moscone. Harvey Milk’s journey to become a member of the board was a difficult one. It took him several attempts before he was elected. However, he persevered and overcame the hatred pitted towards the gay community so that he could make a difference in ways society viewed gays. Harvey Milk changed the world because he had the passion and drive to make a better place for the gay community…show more content…
In the film, someone asked Harvey to help boycott the beer company Coors from the bars and they were successfully because other people trusted Harvey and were willing to help him. In the end Harvey knows they would return the favor if he ever needed it. Its political tactics like these that helped Harvey successfully start a movement for gay and lesbian rights. Another bigger tactic was towards the end of the movie Milk was discussing with Mayor George Moscone of the issue of reinstating Dan White as city supervisor and Harvey threatened Moscone by telling him that he would lose the gay community’s’ support in his next election. It goes to show that Harvey Milk has a great amount of power. He was able to persuade the Mayor Moscone’s decision because he know that the support of the gay community and Harvey’s influence was huge so losing that would mean he would potentially lose the election. However, being gay and being the first to challenge the social norms of what society views as the right way created many problems for Harvey Milk and the gay community. One consequence he faced as a politician is the threats he received on his life. In the film he received a drawing of his genitals being cut off but he used that drawing as a motivation to keep up his work. Despite the threats, he knew other gay people were in harsher conditions and did not want young gays to go through what he experienced. Another consequence he faced as a politician was he had to
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