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Running Header: Milk: the New Weapon of Democracy

During the Cold War, the Soviets were trying to spread communism throughout Europe and Asia by exalting its achievements, and undermining democracy. Part of their approach was by launching ‘Hate-America’ propaganda. “As the Cold War intensified, the Truman administration launched an aggressive “Campaign of Truth” […] to counter the Soviet Union propaganda machine (Ubah, 2012).” The Campaign of Truth was created to help convince the world that the United States has “no purpose of going to war, except in the defense of freedom. (Vaccaro, 1950)” Truman encouraged the media to show the world that the United States was ‘wholly dedicated to the cause of peace (Vaccaro,
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The young girl, whose hair is in pigtails- which helps illustrate innocence, is looking up into the skies, which are almost heaven-like. She is shown to be a portrayal of the happiness and relief that the Germans are feeling when receiving the support that Douglas Aircraft is providing. The advertisement states that milk is the “New weapon of Democracy”, this helps reinforced the image of fighting the battle without weapons, instead they are fighting it with the dropping of life-giving supplies, for the greater effort of freedom and democracy. The Douglas Aircraft Company tries to soften their image of air-raiding planes by using the slogan ‘Serving Mankind Around the World.’ After World War II, American’s most likely viewed air-raiding planes in a negative way, due to the dropping of the atomic bombs in Japan. This ad helps soften the company’s image and helps dismiss the negative judgments that air-raiding planes may have had. The Douglas Aircraft Company’s advertisement is reassuring to the American people, shedding an encouraging light not only on the efforts of the company’s help, but on America’s aid in the war. This ad is very much the opposite of the ‘Hate-America’ ads that the communists were known to release. Nowhere in the advertisement are there negative depictions or words used; this advertisement helps support the
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