Milk and Dairy Products

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Consumer behaviour in dairy products in Kosovo 311 ANALYSIS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR IN REGARD TO DAIRY PRODUCTS IN KOSOVO Bytyqi Hysen*, Vegara Mensur**, Gjonbalaj Muje, Mehmeti Hajrip, Gjergjizi Halim, Miftari Iliriana and Bytyqi Njazi* ABSTRACT Consumer behaviour in Kosovo in respect of dairy products (white cheese, yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, Sharri cheese, curd and caciocavalo) was studied during 2007 using different socio-economic variables assessed by so-called evaluation criteria 1-5. The objective of study was to possibly identify effect of different variables on consumer decision upon purchase of dairy products. Dairy products were perceived differently at various types of purchasing places. The most important socio-economic variables…show more content…
About two third of total milk and milk products produced in Kosovo is considered to be used for family consumption or sold in “green market”, while one third is imported (3). Last year history in Kosovo is characterized with transition process of centralized economy to oriented open and free market approach. Many economies of developing countries do not pay attention and undervalue the consumer behaviours. Kapsdorferova and Nagyova (6) present the consumer as a last component but most important one in food chain. About consumer behaviours on milk products, different studies (8,9) show existence of significant differences between consumer behaviours in different countries. J. Agric. Res., 2008, 46(3) Consumer behaviour in dairy products in Kosovo 313 Study of consumers’ behaviours has multi-plural value like: studying the relation between needs for food products and daily ration taken, especially analyzing different socio-economic group; of high importance, investigation of different effects of marketing (i,e. advertisements, leaflets, etc.) socioeconomic characteristics upon consumer decision for milk and milk products supply, etc. (5, 7). The objective of study was to identify consumer behaviours in regard to dairy products (white cheese, yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, Sharri cheese, curd, and
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