Milkovich: A Short Story

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“Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich” the large set male said from across the room which led the raven haired inmate to raise his perfectly shaped eyebrows before saying “what the fuck do you want pig?” the guard just rolled his eyes letting the comment go “you are getting out milkovich. Let’s go” Mickey smirked before laughing softly before following the guard out and signing all of the paper work that he was basically forced to sign so he could get probation instead of rioting in his shithole prison for the next 10 years. The man grabbed his bag of stuff that he came into the prison with and quickly changed into the black shirt that he wore for his son’s christening and when he was searching for Ian. The 5’7 man walked out of the prison not expecting anyone to be there but if…show more content…
Mickey snapped out of his thoughts as Mandy spoke quietly “He’s doing good. He’s an EMT. His fiancee is north side fuck face but i guess that’s good” Mickey chuckled softly at Mandy before looking at her as best as he could given the fact she has yet removed her head from his shoulder “That’s good expect the North side things because that’s just pathetic” Mandy laughed softly “Yeah” Mickey would never say it out loud but he was proud of Ian for getting his shit together. The man opened the door getting out with Mandy closely attached to his hip hugging his arm again. This wasn’t new for Mandy she often clung to whatever brother just got out of Jail it was her way of saying “ I miss you” The older Milkovich boys knew what she meant by her clinginess and the older boys never complained because they understand. All of the Milkovich kids which was Colin, Joey, Jamie, Iggy, Mickey and Mandy in that order from oldest to youngest they all had a beer watching whatever Iggy decided to put on
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