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Mill Creek Entertainment has created the film series Up From Slavery which accounts the events of the Mid-Atlantic slave trade and the struggles of African slaves and their resistance of the institution. The episode 18th Century Colonial America and Slavery of the series specifically details the lives of North American slaves. Out of the 12 million slaves taken from Africa, only 500,000 came to North America. With government legislation insisting that every child of a female slave becomes a slave as well, 500,000 quickly turned into 4 million. In Colonial America, slaves still faced very harsh conditions, but there were still many differences between the lives of slaves dependent on whether they were from the north or south, the color of…show more content…
The captain believed he would get insurance to cover what he lost, but in fact the courts ruled against him, but only as an insurance matter not murder charges. Throughout the Middle Journey, many slaves would try to revolt and resist against these matters. Slaves who landed in North America apparently had a better life than those in South American and the Caribbean Islands. The lives of slaves within North America also varied greatly. The film states that there were three different systems of slavery in the colonies. In Virginia and Maryland, slaves mostly worked on tobacco plantations and farms. In South Carolina and Georgia, slaves worked on rice plantations which required more vigorous work than tobacco. Also, because laborer was harder in these states, they had less female slaves and would have to continue to import Africans in order to sustain the population. This resulted in a stronger African identity for blacks in South Carolina and Georgia. The northern colonies differed from the south with the simple fact that they had far fewer slaves. Most slaves in the north were only farm workers and household servants. African slaves still faced many difficulties in the North which included the unfamiliar cold climate and being left to fend for one’s self in old age. The film continues with telling the account of former slaves and their experiences which either differentiated from the

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