Millenium Falcon

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Whenever I hear the word millenial, I think of Star Wars and the Millenium Falcon. Maybe it is all the hype over the new movie, or maybe it is just how my brain works, but of course there is no connection. Millenials are also known as Generation Y, and are becoming a large part of our workforce. Recent college grads and people in the earlier years of their career, oftentimes those with cutting edge ideas comprise this group. So how do we empower them in the workplace, and make them stay where we want them? 1. Engage and listen. Millenials are aware of their intelligence and their value to their employers. If you want to empower them as a part of your workforce, you need to listen to what they have to say. Don't make the mistake of not hearing what might be a brilliant idea, because the speaker is a junior member of your team. Give credence to each person that…show more content…
Millenials need a purpose. Many members of this generation are not going to be satisfied with a job that just pays the bills and offers room for advancement. Generation Y is sometimes referred to as the entitled generation. This may be a result of the fact that they know what they want and they demand it. If you want to attract and empower millenials, do not offer boring, static jobs. Let these members of your team define the purpose that is important to them, and then make sure you recognize that importance. That may be the single most important action you can take to achieve success. 4. Be transparent. When you are conducting interviews, be clear about what your company stands for and what values it embraces. Millenials will look for a personal fit, a culture that they feel they can prosper in. Don't portray your company in a certain way, just to attract a certain candidate. If you are honest about the company you represent, you will attract people who believe the same things you do. This comfort level will empower millenials to remain with your company as it, and they personally,
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