Millennial Generation Essay

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Each generation has their differences and similarities, including ideas that have been developed and evolved to fit into the world people live in today. When thinking about different generations and how many things have changed, a good question to ask is: which generation has impacted the world to make it a better place? The answer to this question could determine which generation has been the most generous in the world, and which generation feels as though they have fulfilled their life's purpose. Many believe that the Millennial generation is worthless, entitled, and lazy; however, the Millennials are very similar to previous generation's, and are perhaps an even more efficient generation. The Millennial generation is actually more similar to previous generation's than most people would think. One generalization that other generations belittle about the Millennials is their use of social media, simply because older generations did not grow up with the luxury of social media. From personal experience of being a part of the Millennial generation, social media is a part of everyday life. For Millennials, it is the equivalent of older generations reading the newspaper because that is what was popular when they were growing up. Millennials get harassed about being on social media for an abundant amount of time, although "Boomers and Gen X can't pretend that that they don't like that too" (Brown 11:36). In Kelly Brown's Ted Talk, she experiments with the audience (who were all
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