Millennial Generation

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Americans today tend to believe millennials are the failed generation when compared to past generations. However, this is incorrect due to how much they are affecting the world by adapting to a new era that revolves around using technology. The world has changed drastically since generation X and The Boomer generation dominated it; now it’s not about who can work harder, but who can advance faster. This is exactly what the millennials are doing, they are advancing by finding the easiest and quickest way to complete tasks. Therefore, millennials are not the failed generation since they are technologically advanced, more outgoing, and adapting to a different way of working. Technology is used for so many different purposes from the science field to the engineering field people use technology in just about anything they do. One of the main problems people see with the millennial generation is that they are always on their phone, but this can be a good thing. This is because they have a constant need for information and being connected with the world. Before all this technology when people wanted to know what was happening on the other side of the world they may have to wait a long time, but now it’s accessible from people’s fingertips. As the world goes to a more technology based work system, there is a less need of mechanically inclined generations, but instead workers that can work with technology. Just a 100 years ago we had almost none of the electronics that we have now.

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