Millennial Servant Leaders

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Leaders are tasked with meeting challenges. Some leaders confront these challenges seeking to have their names inscribed onto stone . However, other leaders have sought to mold future generations through instilling a call to action and leading by example. Among such leaders was, Nelson Mandela, who once said, “Every now and then, a generation is called upon to be great. You can be that great generation.” The role of the millennial servant leaders is to be a part of that great generation: one that is able to heed the call and meet various challenges. Therefore, millennium servant leaders must play a critical role in the essential operations of Capitol Hill by practicing cultural awareness, encouraging the flow of innovation, and staying well informed. First,…show more content…
We must strive to bridge bipartisanship through merging old ways of thinking with the new as well as traditional values with progressive. Most good leaders learn from the past through examining the successes and failures of past leaders, so as not to repeat them. However, in this process, it is also in the interest of the millennial servant to be prepared to abandon traditional practices. We should not allow ourselves to rely on traditional practices that no longer serve our current challenges. Our knowledge of the past along with our desire to innovate will enable us to build our own models of success. Lastly, the millennial servant must be well informed. Part of the beauty of the 21st century is the exponential rate at which information and technology are constantly created and disseminated. Therefore, we must be up to date with progress made in our communities.,We must also act swiftly with conviction and efficiency. Our institutions and agencies should supply accurate information and service to our people to meet their needs because, as leaders, we are accountable to the
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