Millennials : A Lack Of Necessary Life Skills?

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How Have Entitled Millennials shown a lack of necessary life skills? In present time, many people consider Millennials an entitled generation. Entitlement is the simple belief that you have the right to something. Reasons behind this include may include the rise of technology and the influence of social media, or even their helicopter parents who overprotect them. Millennials attitudes and work ethic has also caused serious problems in the workplace, education system, and other outside aspects. Many argue on why that’s the case, which has led to in depth research, and strongly built arguments about the problem. Clearly not an entire generation has these issues, but a vast majority do. Entitled Millennials have shown a pattern in their…show more content…
The girl then puts the letter on social media and it ends up going viral. This sense of entitlement in Millennials has contributed to others perception formed about them. Many people handle rejection differently. Some work harder so they can never be rejected, or optimists who move on and see what else life throws at them. Social media has created an environment for possible change, but some attempt to change for the simple reason of feeling entitled. Social media has led to Millennials developing unrealistic expectations of their power to change things (Peggy, 2014). These “unrealistic expectations” are going to continue to guide them down a path of failure and self-centeredness. Being entitled isn 't going to change the outcome of something, Millennials must realize that optimism and hard work is the key to standing up to rejection. Entitlement has also been a problem in today’s college campuses. Since most college undergraduates and graduate students are Millennials, we can see the correlation on why entitlement is a problem. The recent election has caused an uproar in Millennials speaking out. When President Trump was elected, the streets of college campuses began to flood with protesters. The principle around the protest, according to a participant, was that Trump is “not their president” (UWW Student, 2017). These Millennials entitlement mentality led them to believe that since their preferred choice wasn’t president, that they simply don’t
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