Millennials And Technology

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Recently, there has been debates on the topics of millennials and technology. When it comes to these topics, one side says that it is making the younger generation addicted to them or that millennials are lazy, entitled, and narcissistic. In the other side, we have others saying that technology has helped become more advanced or that millennials are, in fact, beneficial to society as they changed the workplace and such. In a speech given by Simon Sinek, titled “Millennials in the Workplace,” he argues that due to how millennials were brought up, it affected their way of responding to challenges in their lives, such as stressors, and how they functioned in the workplace. My own view is that due to the way millennials were raised and the…show more content…
Another point Sinek (2016) mentions is about how technology is a source of dopamine for these millennials, backing up his reasoning with a study done by Harvard research scientist. He states, “…an entire generation now has access to an addictive, numbing chemical called dopamine, through cell phones and social media, while they are going through the high stress of adolescence…” (2017, 4:31). In other words, due to devices being sources of dopamine, it is easy to become addicted to them as dopamine is the same chemical that released when smoking or drinking. As Sinek (2016) also said, “what’s happening is because we’re out allowing unfettered access to the dopamine producing devices and media. Basically, it’s becoming hardwired and what we’re seeing is, as they grow older, too many kids don’t know how to form deep, meaningful relationships. Their words, not mine,” (5:33). The essence of Sinek’s point is that, as he would hear others say, due to growing up with unrestricted access to devices and social media, kids do not know how to form true friendships and deep relationships with others.
On Sinek’s point about parenting and the environment around us, I do acknowledge how millennials would come into a world where they see that they are not special nor could they have anything they wanted just because they did. As a child, I do
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