Millennials ' Drive For School Choice

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Millennials’ Drive for School Choice It is notable that the school system has major flaws where variation in methods has caused success and failure to come from different students; this is partially due to the way types of schools function. The flaws in the school system are highlighted in the chapter “Better Schools: Investing in our future,” from the book, When Millennials Rule: The Reshaping of America, written by David & Jack Cahn. They are trying to bring the millennials’ future actions and beliefs to the attention of political campaign organizers. David and Jack Cahn are millennial activists and journalists whose book was publicized by Post Hills Press in 2014. Their book covers present day complications like debt, school reform, and the legalization of marijuana. These topics are highly concerning for millennials and some have been a part of the recent election ballot. I will analyze the chapter “Better Schools” focusing on charter schools. In attempt to improve the system, Millennials have shown initiative by proposing ideas of letting people choose the schools they send their children to, creating a more competitive environment within the school system. The millennials do seem like a unified voting bloc for this issue and do have the resources and know how to effect change. The school system is not working out in the eyes of the millennials and some of these millennials, particularly authors Cahn and Cahn, say “America’s public education system is broken”
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