Millennials : The American Dream

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The American dream hasn’t died and it’s still alive today with the young Americans generation know as “Millennials.” The traditional pathway in reaching the dream has been altered to include bigger and better expectations. Young Americans want to have ownership without the help of their parents, but there’s certain things that come in between. Back in the days it was fairly easy for the Baby Boomers and Gen-X while attending school. Typically, not all Millennials attend college therefore the majority of them have other envisions. Millennials don’t have the same ideas as back then they want to travel and explore before settling down, owning a house and be sure to have flexibility. In this new generation with Millennials many have a…show more content…
For some of them traveling is probably part of their job, but they also want to see what kind of job offers there are. The United States can have tremendous jobs, then later once they start getting into detail with you their benefits might not be as swell. Since Millennials are the ones facing financial situations they end up finding ways to save money. With the help of Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Skyscanner, and Lonely Planet message board changings a lot of minds about long-term traveling. Amanda Machado reports that she “funded a fifteen-month trip with a little more than sixteen thousand dollars” (par.5). Traveling aboard can cost an extravagant amount of money. Typically, in most cases you get a part-time job while attending high school, and if college is part of your career you save money also. By the time comes financial expenses won’t be a problem because you already got it all saved up and ready to go. Everyone thinks Millennials can’t afford their own house because of debt they are in. Perhaps, that’s one of many reasons along with not having enough money to put as a down payment. John Write states that “Millennials buy their home wanting a realtor to help guide them through the process” (par.4). The Millennial generation is known as being babied through anything. They can never do anything on their own, help is always wanted and guided. The house to them has to be complete not needing any improvements because they

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