Millennium Development Goals And Objectives

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The competition for success in life often blinds people from the necessities of the human race. For this reason, the Millennium Development Goals, also known as Millennium Development Goals, were created by leaders of 189 different nations in the year 2000. Millennium Development Goals were originally set in place to better the lives of the world’s poorest people (Millennium Development Goal Achievement Fund, 2015). The Millennium Development Goals are considered to be the world’s “quantified targets for addressing extreme poverty in its many dimensions”(UN Millennium Project, 2006). Yet, most recently several of the goals have not been completed by the intended deadline of 2015. On account of this, there have been several setbacks to the work that was previously done. Due to social circumstances, the plans initially intended for the success of the Millennium Development Goals were not sufficient enough to complete the goals by the deadline of 2015. Early in the year 2000, it had become apparent that the world as a whole was not at the same level of growth. Some nations like the United States or China had been well advanced in all areas. Whereas countries like Haiti or Jamaica, were barely even able to catch up to these nations. For this reason, the United Nations held a,meeting with numerous leaders from various parts of the world, that discussed ways to eradicate extreme levels of poverty (Pan American Health Organization, 2014). After the meeting, the United Nations…
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