Miller Beer Ads

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Good Call In television commercials and magazine ads, Miller uses sex, and woman as a way to grab your attention and to sell the product. We all have heard the saying "sex sells" but how far can alcohol companies take it. In their latest commercials, Miller uses two very attractive female twins that argue about to positive aspects for why they drink Miller. One argues she drinks it for the great taste and the other because it 's less filling. This leads to a fight between these two very sexy twins ripping each others clothes off and wrestling around in a fountain of water; they strip each other down to just their underwear. Alcohol advertising, especially in the broadcast media, represents the single greatest source of alcohol…show more content…
I don 't think so. If you go to the bars a lot, then you know who the drinkers are because of their big beer-belly 's hanging out of their shirt. Drinking beer, if you ask me, can make a man look like he 's pregnant. The history of Miller Brewing Company began in the mid-19th century, when a determined immigrant, Frederick John Miller, born November 24, 1824, brought his passion for beer to the United States. Miller, who had been a renowned German brewer since 1849, arrived in the United States and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1855. In 1855, Miller purchased a small brewery called the Plank Road Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for $2,300. Through his determination and character, Frederick Miller began building his own American dream - barrel by barrel. He produced the finest quality beer, made from locally grown hops and barley, and using a unique brewer 's yeast that he hand-carried from Germany. (The yeast they use in our beers today is a descendant of that very yeast so treasured by our founder!) Before his death in 1888, Frederick Miller became one of the early pioneers of bottling beer. After his passing, Frederick Miller 's immediate family members continued his legacy, and guided the company with progressive, uncompromising character through two world wars and prohibition. In 1903, Miller named its most popular beer, High Life, and the Champagne of Bottled Beer was born! Today, Miller 's Brewery in Milwaukee (and the historic
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