Miller´s Analogy with Getting Up Early to Go Fishing Essay

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Explain Miller’s analogy with getting up early to go fishing. What is this supposed to show? The dialogue on god, evil and the existence of god was between Gretchen Weirob, Sam Miller and Gretchen Weinrob. At the beginning, Weirob was sick and miller came to visit and ask Weirob to pray with him so god would cure her, but Weirob was a none believer and she refused to do so. Miller tried to convince Weirob that god exists and she should pray. Weirob tried to convince Miller that god did not exist by asking him if god exists and he is all knowing and all powerful, why did he let her get sick from the beginning? and why did he not let the illness that she suffers from go away. On the other hand, Miller gave her an example about a …show more content…

In the third argument which is god is the necessary being and everything else is contingent. As Aquinas says in this argument there are two kinds of objects the necessary object and the contingent object. The necessary object is the one which cannot be left out and the contingent is the thing that can be left out because there are other things. So this Argument discusses that there must be something necessary and all of the rest of the thing are contingent. As in Aquinas Argument everything is either necessary or contingent. If everything in the world is contingent, then everything is going toward an end, so at one time there would be nothing. In reality we can see that there is something right now which is the humans, other creatures. Therefore, not everything is contingent. On the other hand, let say that everything in this world is necessary, so everything will not tend to an end and that is wrong too because a lot of creatures are extinct. So there must be something necessary and all of the other thing is contingent. This statement leads us to Thomas Aquinas third Argument which is that god is the necessary being and all the other creatures are contingent. After reading Thomas Aquinas five arguments again and again and

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