Millers Presentation of Giles Corey

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Throughout The Crucible we respond to Miller’s representation of Giles Corey by seeing him as a loyal, commendable character. Corey also provides us with a sense of amusement which given the situation is a trait we do not see from many of the characters. Miller makes us respond like this through Corey’s laidback, easygoing outlook on life and particularly the witch hunts which are currently occurring; also his loyalty is emphasised through his final sacrifice. In Act 1 our initial impression of Corey is influenced by Millers description of him as an “independent” character who “didn’t give a hoot for public opinion” – this makes us see Corey as a strong willed man who will not just sit back and watch this lie take anymore lives and…show more content…
This causes us to respond to Corey’s death by regarding him as a martyr who died to protect goodness and stopped Putnam from claiming his land. Corey’s decision to not lie to save his life is also a juxtaposition used by Miller to cause us to respect Corey as he does not lie to save his life as others such as Tituba and Sarah Good, who went against their belief that God damns all liars and saved their lives which was the weaker choice. In contrast Corey’s decision to save his friends by sacrificing his life shows that he is strong willed and cares for the ones he loves. Overall Miller causes us to respond to Giles Corey through his presentation of him as a “comical hero” who sacrifices his life for loyalty displaying qualities we only hope for in

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