Miller's Tale Essay

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The author Geoffrey Chaucer wrote the book “The Canterbury Tale” and also added several stories. I chose to write about. “The Knight’s Tale” and “The Miller’s Tale”, because both of them are so equally different, but have some similarities for example, in “The Knight’s Tale” talks about the knight’s and how they are so respected and honorable man’s. “The Miller’s Tale” is about a love triangle that involves one woman and three men and how the miller is not a respected man and doesn’t keep his promises.
“The Miller’s Tale” and “The Knight’s Tale” are very different, but they also had a lot of similarities.
On “The Miller’s Tale” Chaucer explains how the Miller was a drunk and pale man that did not have a wife or children, but even before
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And finally she said yes when an opportunity who’d happen so Nicholas begin making a plan so they could spend a night together. Once Nicholas and Carpenter were together and Nicholas begin to tell him, “That Monday next, a fourth of the night, A rain shall fall, as wild, as mad, as could That half so great was never Noah’s flood. This world,’ said he, ‘in less than an hour shall be drowned, so hideous the shower. Thus shall all mortals drown and lose their life’.”. Therefore, once the Carpenter left Nicholas room, he begins to build three boats without anybody finding out to be able to stay alive and trying to save his precious Alison. In the next day Alison, Nicholas, and the Carpenter begin to prepare themselves for the big flood once they were in the boats Nicholas and Alison would go down to the room and spend a night together as said. Absolon notice that he hasn't seen the Carpenter and assume that Alison was home alone so he went at her window and begin to sing to her, but Alison said to him if he could leave, but Absolon said that
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