Mille's Response To Self-Harm In Counselling

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Millie informed that she has not self-harmed since 3-4 months hence, she was appreciated for her self-control. She mentioned that she gets urges to self-harm twice a week only if she is upset but, has not acted on it. Mille shared about her experience with the Kooth Counsellor. She mentioned that she was not able to establish a bond with the counsellor and had a session for only 10 mins. Later she added that she is not willing to receive any counselling as she feels there is a positive change in her mental health and behaviour. She clearly mentioned that her mum wants her to access counselling but, she is unwilling for the same. Millie confirmed that she is happy with the joint working sessions and wants my involvement once a month to help her with self-harm strategies. Millie completed…show more content…
This mirror cutout can be displayed in her wardrobe or any easily accessible place. 2) Self-help document was given as a guide for coping and distraction strategies for self-harm. 3) A-Z distraction strategies for self-harm: A list of A-Z strategies were provided and Millie could pick up few distraction strategies to control her urges for self-harm and design a small handy book "My Distraction Strategies". She could use the strategies from this book to control her craving and often carry it with her. 4) Knowing my Self-harm: Series of five questions, which would explore her self-harming behaviour, techniques and strategies to help her understand her behaviour and reduce the urges. Above-mentioned information was shared and discussed with Amy, CA school and Jane Causier, CAMHS. The next joint working appointment would be scheduled in the months of February 2017, date and timing not yet decided as there would be a change in Millie's school
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