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Preparing and using milling machines

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What are the safe working practices and procedures to be followed when preparing and using the milling machines?
When operating a Milling machine there are a lot of health and safety laws that have to be followed when preparing to use and using a milling machine, the laws and safety precautions that must be taken are as follows:
Gloves or hand wear must never be worn whilst working on a milling machine; any types of hand wear like watches, bracelets and bangles could get snagged on the cutter and wind the operator into the machine
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Coolant- coolant spills are a problem that can be prevented but on some mills there is a point where coolant leaks from the bed and drip down hitting the floor around the machine this caused by a blockage in the slots within the bed causing it to over flow with coolant creating a spillage.
Entanglement- the operator of the machine can risk entanglement from lose clothing becoming entangled in the cutter this could wind the operator into the machine cutter causing serious injury.
Sharp edges – sharp edges or burrs are a hazard when handling the components it is possible to injure yourself on these razor sharp burrs.
Training- If an operator has insufficient training then they are a danger to themselves and others around the machine
What personal protective equipment needs to be worn for the milling activities?
There is several pieces of PPE equipment that must be work whilst milling, equipment is as follows:
Before work cream: This will stop irritations and protect the skin from infections from substances being used whilst turning.
Safety glasses- protective eye wear must be worn since swarf and coolant is travelling and can be flying in any direction.
Overalls- This stops flying swarf and coolant reaching your skin and causing damage or harm.
Safety boots- safety boots are of the main pieces of PPE, this will protect the feet from swarf and coolant and there is a steel toe cap for protection against objects
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