Mills High School Scholarship Report

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I am a junior at Mills High School. It is my third year in high school. I realize that it is the time for me to think about my future and start to undertake responsibility. Community service is definitely the best choice to do something for this community. It also a good chance to develop my skills.
I enjoy the feeling of helping others. The greatest reward for my volunteering is the smiles from other people. Even though sometimes I am tired after I finish volunteering, I am cheerful. In my past three-high-school years, I do many volunteer jobs. The last time was at the presidential election day. It was a great experience that I could take part in the election process. I worked at the Taylor High School Precinct with other five volunteers.
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I expect everything I do to be perfect, so that I will try my best to finish my work. My favorite subjects in school are math and science. I love math and science because they are logical. When I solving a math question or doing a science lab, I must be careful so that every data is correct. I like doing the challenge questions. I am excited when I solve them correctly. In my opinion, finishing a task is the same as solving a math question. They all require carefulness and patience. They need to be done step by step. The result can not be correct unless every step is accurate.
As I say at the front, it is the time for me to think about my future. I am uncertain about which major I want to choose in the college or what I want to do in the future. I am concerned about myself. I hope I can have chance to understand more about different industries before I make decision. This is also one reason of why I want to be a volunteer. I can experience various jobs when I do volunteering so that I can figure out what kind of job that I really like. There are two more years before I become an adult. That means I have two more years before I enter the society. I have to do something to prepare for
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