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The Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) The Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) The Military Personnel Data System (MilPDS) is the Human Resource (HR) system that comprises each active duty Air Force, Guard and Reserve member’s personnel record as well as retirees. MilPDS is an Air Force wide military system constituting one of the world's largest Oracle HR implementations, comprising over 100 military subsystems. MilPDS is used to process pay transactions, track accountability and strength data, update promotions, assignments, reenlistments and extensions (Gildea, 2013). This paper will cover the characteristics of the users of MilPDS, features and usage of MilPDS, and the impact MilPDS has on Air Force personnel.…show more content…
Once the user clicks on a main category subcategories appear on the screen. Three subcategories that will be described are assignments, training, and reenlistments. Assignments are updated in MilPDS by clicking on relocations from the main menu and then selecting assignments. Once the assignment screen opens the user will have to populate all the required information into the perspective fields. The user will have to enter the members social security number, the assignment action number which is a number to track assignments and is also used allocate funds for the move, the assignment action reason which is a two digit code acknowledging how the member was selected. The code could be anything from volunteer, mandatory mover, or overseas to stateside assignment. The user will also have to update the projected personnel accounting system code which is a nine digit number that identifies the new base the member will be going to and the report no later than date is loaded. The report no later than date is the date the member must be in processed and ready to work at the new base. Once the user populates all the required fields they will hit submit and the information is then updated in MilPDS. The purpose for the information being updated is to load an assignment correctly on a member and have a successful update in MilPDS. 24 hours

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