Milton Friedman Approach To Ethics In The Gulf Oil Spill

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The Gulf Oil Spill was and still is a issues for BP that require both its legal team and media relations department to work quick and together to both address the issues and protect the image of the company. In times of scandal or crisis companies have a plan of action to help resolve the issues and reduce how much of media frenzy it becomes. From who speaks at interviews, gives public statements, legal advising, and executing a solution. For BP this meant work with wildlife rescues groups, the Natural Resource Damage Assessment, and environmentalist. For BP getting the waters clean was important not only to them but for the environment and those who depended on the waters for survival in term of the sea life. So the concepts of social responsibility by Milton Friedman would play a part of BP ensuring the companies further survival. According to Friedman, “if this statement is not pure rhetoric, it must mean that he is to act in some way that is not in the interest of his employers. For example, that he is to refrain from increasing…show more content…
“A different approach to ethics assumes that people are deeply connected to one another in webs of relationships, and that ethical decisions cannot be made outside the context of those relationships. This alternative view holds that ethics is essentially a matter of nurturing and reinforcing the ties we have with one another. This has become known as the “ethic of care,” as it is based on caring for others” (Halbert, & Ingulli; Law, Ethic, Business, pg. 18; 2008). This framework of ethics would make put the force and resolving the issue by respecting the view of environmentalist, wildlife rescue group, and the survival of the ecosystem. BP would need to make sure that those individual and groups feel that the both were concerned with ensuring the survival of the water and aquatic life not just the image and profits of the
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