Milton Friedman's The Free Market Theory

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Milton Friedman bases his opinion on businesses and profit maximization on the foundation of free enterprise. “The free market theory believes that business managers have only one primary responsibility, which is to maximize profit; also, the theory tells that government should not involve in economic matters, except to prevent fraud and coercion” (p. 7) Mr. Friedman argues that a corporation, unlike a person, cannot have responsibility. I disagree with this notion. I don’t think that anyone would engage in a business contract with a corporation if they thought that a corporation was not responsible to pay its bills. So therefore, a corporation can have legal, and moral responsibilities. Milton Friedman uses what, to me, is the key phrase 'as long as it stays within the rules of the game ' but does not define the phrase in terms of the legal system. My question is what about the rules of the game that are not so much as even suggested in the law? There are other rules that companies have to follow if they want to be successful; such as the obvious supply and demand rules in the marketplace. Also, as we have seen with the production of new ideas and technologies, the law follows progressions in technology and thinking. But the principle of responsibility leads the legal cases being decided. Being compliant with the law may keep them out of court, but companies know that holding themselves accountable to a higher standard will keep them in a good place with their customers,
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