Milton Hershey And The Hershey Company

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The Hershey Company, also known as Hershey’s, is a company that sells candy and treats to people all over the world. A man named Milton Hershey had a dream to establish a candy company. His first two candy companies had failed, but he never gave up. He started the Hershey Company in 1894 and is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Since then, it has spread all over the world and became one of the biggest manufacturers of candies in the world. Milton Hershey, the founder of The Hershey Company, was born September 13, 1857, and his parents were Henry Hershey and Fanny Snavely Hershey. At the age of 14, Milton became an apprentice for a candy maker. Soon, he realised he had a natural talent for candy making. Milton wasn’t the most successful…show more content…
No wonder it was an immediate sensation” (“Milton S. Hershey,” n.d.). His chocolate was and will always be a huge hit. Milton basically created his own town. He industrialised his little town into a well known city. He created a trolley system to bring the needed ingredients to the factory, which was an inexpensive way to travel. Also, he built houses for his employees and named the streets after places cocoa was grown at. He built a place called the Cocoa House, and it was just like a mini city. The article says, “ served as the town center and included a store, bank, post office, boarding rooms and lunchroom”(“Milton S. Hershey,” n.d.). Milton did not want his town to be just an ordinary factory town. He constructed it with more than just the necessities. Milton wanted a fun place in town, so he built an amusement park. The park was called the Hershey Park, and it had roller coasters, a zoo, a bowling alley, a swimming pool, and much more. Across the street from the Cocoa House was the community center. The article states, “it contained an indoor swimming pool, a gymnasium, a library, a hospital, game rooms, a cafeteria and a world-class theater” (“Milton S. Hershey,” n.d.). In addition to everything, Milton built a majestic hotel for the tourists visiting the town, and created a sports arena to house his town 's hockey team. (“Milton S.
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