Milton Hershey : The American Chocolate King

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Milton Hershey: The American Chocolate King What kid doesn 't like chocolate? Thanks to the iconic Milton Hershey brand, we now have sweets such as Hershey kisses, Reese 's cups, Kit-Kats, and so many more! This essay will discuss Milton Hershey’s life, contributions to society, his companies, and some facts that might not be well known about him and his company. Milton Hershey was born in Derry Township, Pennsylvania, on September 13, 1857 to parents Veronica Snavely and Henry Hershey. After completing the 8th grade in 1866, Milton dropped out of school. Around 1867, when Hershey was around 14, Milton’s parents separated; the reason why is not really known. Shortly after the separation, Milton started to have an interest in the making of…show more content…
Three years later, in 1903, Hershey started building a candy making site in Derry Church, Pennsylvania. The site was completed and opened 2 years later, in 1905. In a short amount of time, Hershey 's company went above and beyond its expectations. His most successful idea was the Hershey’s kiss in 1907, the foil wrapper we see today was added to it in 1924. As his company became bigger and bigger overtime, Hershey wanted to create a united community. When the Hershey 's company thrived and Hershey became wealthier, Hershey 's new wish was to have a connected community. Hershey began to build churches, parks, schools, and provided places to stay for his workers. His wife, Catherine, supported him in his philanthropic dreams. Because they could not have kids, most of their projects had kids as their main focus. It was in 1909 when Catherine and Milton opened the Hershey Industrial School, a place for boys who were orphans. Since then girls have come to the school as well.That school is now called the Milton Hershey School. Three years after Catherine passed away, Hershey donated a large portion of his money to the Hershey Trust that supports the Milton Hershey School. Even as Hershey got older he continued to be very generous to others. Hershey gave young men jobs through the Great Depression by requesting for a hotel and Hershey offices. Hershey supplied the troops with
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