Milton 's Paradise Lost : The Fall Of Humanity And The Fallen Angels

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Milton’s Paradise Lost is reviewing the fall of humanity and the story behind each particular and important character, like Satan, the arc-and the fallen angels, but most importantly Milton shows the story from Adam’s and Eve’s point of view. Their characters and personality not only grow but develop so much between their ordinary lives and the fall. Adam and Eve coexisted in harmony in Eden before the fall, lived in harmony and love, sharing a wonderful experience of immortality and infinite opportunities to explore. However, throughout the book they became more distant, they fallen apart from each other. The first signs of alienation could be seen on Eve, she wanted to have her on experiences, and explore on her own. Adam first wasn’t approving Eve’s behavior, he saw her silly. Although Adam was angry with her sometimes, he loved her very much, especially until the very end, he wouldn’t let her fall alone, and their love was stronger than any other bond, so he took the blame too. Adam was the first of his kind, the father of all. God made him different, he created a special person, with free will. He prefigures the human race, representing the perfect male form. However, Adam was not completely happy, he felt something is missing from his life, thus God rewards Adam with Eve, to solve his unhappiness. Due to Adam’s and God’s relationship compared to Eve’s and Gods relationship, Adam and Eve are not equal partners, Eve must had to submit to Adam, but Adam only to God. Eve

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