Mimco Marketing Mix

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The following document will outline potiential new business opportunites for Mimco and also investigate what the objectives are of these opportunites and what stragagies will be implemented to generate sales and revenue growth. 1.0 Mimco Environmental Analysis
1.1 External Macro Influences Marketing Environment Category | Specific Trend, Change or Event | Monitoring Information Source | Demography | More women are choosing careers over family, therefore they have more disposable income. The median age for women to get married today is 28, which means there are many young women in Australia with a significant disposable income to spend on them selves. | www.abs.gov.au | Economic Conditions | Consumer spending appears to
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The following 3 business opportunities each address one of Nairn “three horizon” business strategy, market penetration, product development and market development. 1. Expansion of Advertising channels (Market Penetration) 2. Winter Jeans
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