Essay about Min Yo Garment Company Case Study

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Min Yo Garment Company | October 19
| Jonathan Clune, Kathleen Croyle, Alexander Eikenberry | BUSMGT 430 - Case Study 1 |

1. Evaluate the market needs of each product line and assess the capabilities of Min Yo operations to the market needs.

The total time it takes for Min Yo to complete weekly orders, assuming no technical problems arise is seen in Table 1 of Appendix 1. Taiwan’s labor laws allow for a 40 hour limit work week and Min Yo is currently 2.5 hours below this maximum. It can be determined Min Yo is not working at its peak capacity of 40 hours per week, but it is working at its optimal/normal capacity and is meeting the current demand of the product. It is safe to assume that if demand increases or
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Elimination of Large Batch Production
By reducing the set-up times of the current products, Min Yo can now set out to reduce the batch sizes of each shirt type. Large batch sizes are responsible for creating high levels of work-in-process, high manufacturing lead times, large inventory of finished goods and ultimately could lead to poor quality and throughput. Batch size reduction may increase the number of changeovers but ultimately the project will result in a level loaded production flow that increases the delivery of supplies internally and reduces Min Yo’s risk of scrapping out 900 shirts with poor quality. Overall, Min Yo will be able to efficiently produce to the customers’ demands through EOQ Models and will not have to take on the extra costs of carrying large amounts of work in process and finished goods.
Creating Long Term Strategic Plan
After targeting the key problems of long set-up times and large batch sizes, Min Yo can begin taking a more in depth look at the company’s long term strategic plan. Currently producing three different product families, Min Yo is going to be faced with many business decisions that could set them down the wrong paths. With capacity currently at 37.5 hours, Min Yo only has 2.5 hours available to account for new increases in demand or other issues that decrease the availability of the machine. As demand for shirts increases and business continues to grow, Min Yo will be faced with answering the
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