Mincruos Research Paper

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In the beginning there was nothing. But soon everything appeared. Trees, mountains, and kingdoms with their kin. Over a long period of time 5 kingdoms appeared. Out of these kingdoms only 2 exist today. The kingdom of Agious, dense woodland. The only problem with Agious was there was no room for farms due to thick forest cover. Famine was a large issue. Agious was always at a struggle due to the lack of food. The kingdom’s castle was put in the center of the kingdom surrounded by the thick forest that would take armies months or longer to make it though. Agious was a natural fortress. The people of Agious are seen as the elves. Tall, lanky figures with slightly pointed ears. These elves lived for many more years than any other races . For…show more content…
The Kingdom of Mincruos is basicly the same as Gamiris and equaled Gamiris in almost every way. But the perfect harmony between races wasn't present at Mincruos meaning the kingdom was very scattered and barly worked together. Mincruos went through multiple different revolutions and genocides as races fought. One of the wars were so bad that Minecruos was left as a dead kingdom as everyone fled the kingdom. Sadly this is where Mincruos ends and becomes Choes. Now, Choes is a war driven kingdom driven by the Kunewen. Now the Kunewen was an odd race. They were a mix of elven appearance but with sharp pointed ears both on the top and lobe and Dwarven emotions but the Kunewen did not care for axes. Instead they fancied swords ,long swords, to stab their enemies in close combat. The Kunewen refused the belief in magic ,because of this, they are mentally strong but easily weakened by the sight of magic or use of magic. The Kunewen are more weaponry advanced because of the inability to use magic to enchant weapons. Because of their advanced weaponry their swords are lighter and stronger than most and instead of normal bows they use large cross bows along with short bows with the power of
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