Mind And Body Problem By Rene Descartes

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Rene Descartes was born on 31st march 1596 in France, he was a scientist, philosopher and mathematician. He had great contribution in the fields he is known for. He stated that body and mind is a substance and it is distinct, the easier way to understand this is body and mind dualism, this means that body and mind are separate things. Descartes though that the mind can exist without the body, and body could exist without the mind. Descartes is often referred as a first thinker and he is one of the philosophers who created modern Western Philosophy. His greatest quote regarding mind and body problem is “I think, therefore I am”, he believed that if the person thinks he exist in this world, power of the mind was his biggest theory of research…show more content…
According to his belief mind was a "thinking thing" and an immaterial substance. This "thing" was the essence of himself that which doubts, believes, hopes, and thinks. The body "the thing that exists" regulates normal bodily functions (such as heart and liver). I can’t agree with Descartes, because my thinking of mind-body problem is that we are the whole being, the one, the mind cannot exist without the body and the body cannot exist without the mind. A body without a mind is a zombie and a mind without the body is just nothing, electrical impulses or an energy. Mind is a very powerful substance but it cannot exist without the body, although I agree with him regarding the mind is the leader in here. There have been too many uncertainties with this theory and many philosophers argued the potential of it. Although the theory of separate mind and body can make sense to some people, spiritualist might believe it, but rational human beings would not. Although I do not agree with dualism, I believe in the spirit or soul and there are too many questions that cannot be answered at the moment. There are studies regarding the human energy sources and I can see how Descartes came to this decision, because most of electrical actions are in the…show more content…
We won’t go deep in to monism but it is a complete opposite of Descartes theory of dualism. We will look at Immanuel Kant’s view on mind-body problem, he thought that apart from body and mind there are priori forms that exist and are must for understanding the concepts. He believed that interaction has to be gone through different forces for body and mind. This means he believed that outside factors influence interaction of mind and body and they do not interact by themselves. “Whatever it is that impinges on us from the mind-independent world does not come located in a spatial or a temporal matrix,...The mind has two pure forms of intuition built into it to allow it to... organize this 'manifold of raw intuition”(Brook,

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