Mind And Soul Essay

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Mind, Body and Soul

Our mind, body and soul are deeply connected. How many of us actually aware about this connection? Surprisingly, many of us are not aware about this connection. The truth is that this connection between the mind, body and soul exists within us, right here. We are so busy in our day to day schedule that we don’t get time for ourselves. It’s only when you have spare time or rather idle time, when we relax and think about ourselves and our life. It is very important to take time for retrospection and reflect on our life.
It is also very advantageous if we recognize the connection between the mind, body and soul. This is so because it can actually be used to our benefit. Research has shown that if you cultivate the mind, the
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Each part of our body is designed to perform a particular function. Our bones are connected through joints and the absence of even one bone makes it difficult for the body to perform optimally. Food is the fuel of the human body and helps to energize it.

Most human beings are also very conscious about how their body looks. Our body is an important part of our personality and put in a lot effort to beautify it. We take a bath everyday to cleanse our body and get rid of sweat and any foul odors. We wear clean clothes and many people apply artificial liquids/sprays on their skin to make their skin smell good.

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The mind is an intangible part of our body where thinking, perception, memory, consciousness and judgement take place. The mind is connected to the body deeply. They continuously communicate with each other. Nerve impulses are sent to the brain and the body reacts in the form of biochemical reactions. Whenever something is going on inside your mind, there is an instant response from the body.

You might have noticed that when someone tells you about a mishap, you feel uneasy. It could be in the form of stomach cramps, heaviness or headache. The simple reason why our heart feels heavy when we receive the news about the loss of a loved one? That’s your body’s way of responding to the grief felt by the mind. Likewise, when we get good news, we get butterflies in our stomach. Our heart ‘sings’ with joy, when we get a new job or when we buy a new property.

It can be said that our emotions and feelings affect our health. Research has indicated that majority of health problems faced by a person, are actually a result of some mental tension or trauma. Be it a small or big, any incident that evokes our emotions, affects our health. If your little one is unwell, you feel a pain in your heart. You might experience a loss of appetite because you can’t eat while your child is going through pain.

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